Anntourage is a team of Belgium based casting directors for film and television drama series. We are a full service Belgian casting agency with 20 years of experience and work together with several national and international production companies.

We had the honor of working with the most talented directors, including Frank Van Mechelen, Ken Scott, Lisa Ohlin, Pieter Van Hees, Kaat Beels, Nathalie Basteyns, Tom Lenaerts, Tim Mielants, Mathieu Mortelmans, Cecilia Verheyden, Jeroen Perceval, Jan Matthys, Filip Lenaerts, Charlotte Vanhecke, Lukas Dhont, Wouter Bouvijn, Frank Van Passel, Raf en Jan Roosens, Frederike Migom, Jan Eelen, Dominique Deruddere, Wannes Destoop, Robin Pront, Jelle Gordyn, Kadir Balci, Toon Slembrouck, Gijs Polspoel, Dimitri Verhulst, Christina Vandekerkhove, Nathalie Teirlinck, Deben Van Dam, Leo Kurpershoek, Dimitri Baronheid, Olivier Lambrechts, Jonas Geirnaert, Veerle Dewilde, Teodora Michai and Veerle Baetens.

Vision about casting

The casting director needs to work closely with the director, this co-operation is really essential. Our input is important, we want to create their vision, trying to find the right actor to tell the story. But even more important is the relationship with the actor. We always try to feel what they think, how they see the character they are auditioning for. And then, for a brief moment, we forget about the script. We love to hear their story, listen to them when they talk about themselves. Because that indicates how they approach a part and quite often adds a major value to the casting.

We always follow my instinct. It’s really special when you see something in someone, before they discover it themselves. That’s when the magic enters the room. With some actors, you just have this feel of an exceptional quality, you can’t explain it.

That’s what makes it so exciting every day. Casting is chemistry.

Team members

Elien Van Aerschot Elien graduated in Hotel Management and worked for the Hilton Brand in Bristol, England, and discovered she loves to be around people. She enjoyed scheduling big events and liked the thrill of it. However, deep inside she knew she wanted to develop herself in other arenas too, such as art. She headed back to Belgium to obtain a master's degree in Theater and Film literature (Antwerp). After several amazing experiences in the film industry, she knew exactly what she loves to do the most, and so the story goes. She started to work as a casting director for Anntourage. She is the company's executive today.
Griet Dobbelaere Griet Dobbelaere has worked for 13 years as an artistic coordinator of the theater workshops of KOPERGIETERY, a theater for children and young people. In this theater there is no "method" or educational program. Ateliers are workshops....places where children and young people, together with a teacher/artist get to work in a vibrant and nurturing process. Mutual inspiration and the development of one's own abilities and also the acquisition of insights. Insights into what play can be. The importance that children can really play freely in a caring space is essential in her work. As an actress, she played in 'Lava', 'Mr. Porcelain' (Studio Orka), 'Homesickness', 'The Last Child' (Hanneke Pauwe) and 'Empty Eyes' (Padarijs). For KOPERGIETERY, she starred in 'Girls of Chalk' and directed 'The Klas'. Together with Han Coucke she created the comedy performance 'Han and Gretel', with which they won the audience and jury prize at Utrechts Cabaretfestival.
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